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Grant in Afghanistan

My life (so far) can probably best be summed up as a series of misadventures and missteps.  I was never a child that could learn from observing the mistakes of others; I had to experience them myself.  And to make matters worse, I’ve always viewed the word “no,” as more of a challenge than a matter-of-fact term.  But through my error-ridden life, I’ve managed to learn a few life lessons that have aided me as I’ve grown.  So, consider my blog here on BramList sort of a roll-up of life events that have helped mold me into the person I am, today.


My adventures began when I joined the US Army.  After graduating from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, in 2007, in Political Science, I found myself in the deserts of Iraq after a few, short months of training.  Partnered up with Iraqi Army Soldiers to train on Telecommunications and Computer Science, I quickly became tied into the local culture as the Iraqis became comfortable with my presence and began inviting me to eat and “hang” with them.  I was enthralled that the life experiences they shared with me on Iraq’s status and problem varied greatly from what I was taught to know or had assumed.  After a year of shoulder to shoulder partnership with my new Iraqi compatriots, I returned to the US with a new perspective.  Oh yeah, while I was there, I managed to hit up Kuwait, Qatar, the Syrian border, the Iranian border, and Dubai.

You would think my adventure stopped there…

I came home for a few weeks only to realize I still felt the call of the wild.  That being said, I packed up my gear and headed out for Afghanistan!  After a whirlwind trip to Central Asia, I somehow managed to be linked in with and working for the 101st Airborne Command, the at the time leaders for Regional Command-East (along Pakistan border).  Surrounded by the top, military commanders for the operations in Afghanistan allowed me to experience the struggle for stabilization and peace on a level not available anywhere else (not to mention getting to rub elbows with the leaders of our free world as they work together towards the peace process).

If only the fun stopped there…

Central Asia and the Middle East wasn’t enough.  Other countries I’ve managed to adventure in include Germany, Australia, Ireland, the Netherlands, Jamaica, the Canadian Yukon, and the jungles of southern Mexico.  I can only guess as to where I’ll wind up next!

US President and BramList author

Grant with President Obama


Feel free to contact me with any questions or issues my posts might have raised; my life is an open book.  And be sure to add me on Twitter, Linked-In, and MySpace, I post updates continuously!

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